Aydem Renewables Obtains Zero Waste Certificate

Aydem Renewables Obtains Zero Waste Certificate

Aydem Renewables, Aydem Energy's subsidiary operating in the field of renewable activities, has become one of the pioneers of the project initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by being entitled to receive a "Zero Waste Certificate" for Göktaş-1, Göktaş-2, Mentaş ve Toros Hydroelectric Power Plants.

Aydem Renewables, one of the key players in the renewable energy production in Turkey, has accelerated its efforts and investments in the field of environment in line with its sustainability policy.

4 power plants of Aydem Renewable Energy in Adana, which fulfill important responsibilities such as preventing waste in power plants, establishing waste collection areas, providing environmental training to employees included in the Zero Waste Regulation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, were granted a "Zero Waste Certificate" by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Aydem Renewables, engaging Turkey’s first private hydroelectric plant and leading the way many times in the sector, was also among the pioneering institutions in the Renewable Energy Zero Waste Project.

Environmentally friendly approach

With the Zero Waste Project, which is carried out by the company with a social and environmental responsibility awareness, it is aimed to use resources more efficiently, to collect wastes on-site and recycle them at their source, and thus to protect the environment.

While the said document was given to the institutions that adopt the waste management philosophy by considering the environment and society by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Aydem Renewable Energy is planning to obtain a Zero Waste Certificate for other 21 renewable power plants by the end of 2021

Aydem Renewable Energy, which is also a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, the world's most comprehensive sustainability platform that proposes universal principles that will shape the future of the business world, continues to carry out practices that take the sustainability of the needs of future generations into consideration with the initiative it undertakes in the field of environment.