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New Nest for Storks

As Aydem Energy, we aim to protect nature and natural life with our sustainable environmental understanding. We are happy to host the storks for more than 12 years with our corporate social responsibility project "New Home for Storks", which is an example of a first step of a great awareness. 

Aydın, Denizli, Muğla, İzmir and Manisa, which are the service areas of our ADM and GDZ Electricity Distribution companies, are among the migration routes of migratory birds and regularly every year before the migration season, Our New Nest for Storks project is continuing successfully by carrying out insulation work on the conductor and insulator assembly on the medium voltage lines and by building nest platforms on the poles. 

As ADM and GDZ Electricity Distribution, while distributing energy for life; we realize corporate social responsibility projects that make a difference. We are continuing our work in our “New Home for Storks” project without ceasing, which we started in 2009, and which is highlighted as a model for other electricity distribution companies by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and is requested to be implemented. 

Thanks to the New Nest for Storks project, the deaths of storks caused by electric shock are reduced to the lowest level, while the failures occurring in the lines due to this reason are prevented and the energy supply is ensured to be uninterrupted. 

ADM and GDZ Electricity Distribution continue to be the implementer of the principles of controlling, reducing, and preventing the factors that cause the destruction of the environment and ecological system. 


All the awards received for our New Home for Storks project: 

•     "Sustainable Development Awards Life On Land" Platinum Award in 12th Corporate Social Responsibility Summit, Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey - 2020 
•     "Sustainability" Award in the CSR Marketplace Events of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey - 2015 
•    Model Project by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources - 2013 
•    "Third" and "Model Environment Strategy" Awards in between CSR Marketplace Event, CSR Projects of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey - 2012 
•    "Special Project" in Public Relations category of Turkey Electricity Distribution Company (TEDAŞ)  - 2009