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Protection of Personal Data

1. Identity of the Data Controller 

As Aydem Enerji Anonim Şirketi, we give our best effort for safety and privacy of your data. We kindly submit the below given information for your information in order to comply with the Law regarding the personal data that we attained in capacity of Data Controller within the scope of this awareness and Law of Protection of Personal Data with no 6698 (“Law”):

2. Processing the Personal Data and the Purpose of Processing  

While your personal data may vary depending on the service and commercial activity conducted by the Aydem Enerji, they might be processed by our Company in order to achieve our best in service provision. Within this scope; 

If you are a real person customer of our company or if you are employee/contact person/partner/authorized person of a real person commercial customer and in some cases if you are the custodian/guardian/representative, guarantor, potential customer of  a real person commercial customer; your personal data (ID, contact, customer transaction information) and your private personal data (If the data is shared by real person customers; the religion and blood type information which are given in the health report and also in the ID documents, can be obtained indirectly through ID card and/or driving license as per the Electricity Market Consumer Services Regulation) can be processed for the purposes of conducting contract processes, after-sales support services, customer relationship management processes, activities towards customer satisfaction, following up legal, financial and accounting affairs, following up demands/complaints, conducting activities in accordance with Electricity Market Law and secondary legislation and other related legislation, conducting/auditing business activities, audit activities, business execution activities, risk management processes, strategic planning activities, following up and conducting social responsibility and NGO activities, providing information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations upon request, conducting communication activities, storing and archive activities, information security processes, assuring compliance with the policies and procedures of the Group of Companies of which Aydem Holding A.Ş. is affiliated.   

If you are an employee/responsible person/partner/authorized person of our legal or real person traders/suppliers/business partners/subcontractors: 
your personal data (ID, contact, occupational experience, financial, legal process, vehicle certificate and traffic license, personnel information and, in case you share, your private data (information about your health, criminal conviction, membership to association/foundation/syndicate) can be processed for the purposes of following up contract processes, sales of goods and services, legal, financial and accounting affairs, conducting risk management processes, activities in accordance with the legislation, procurement of goods/services, after-sales support services of goods/services, production / operation processes of goods/services, conducting/auditing occupational health and safety processes and business activities, conducting performance assessment processes, informing the authorities, persons, institutions and organizations upon request, conducting communication activities and information security processes.  


  • in case you visit workplaces of our company; your ID data, your physical space safety data can be processed in a limited manner for the purposes of ensuring physical space security, keeping the visitor records, ensuring compliance with the with the policies and procedures of Aydem Enerji Üretim.  
  • in case you visit our web site; your ID data, your process security data can be processed in a limited manner in order to fulfill the requirements that arise from the regulation on the basis of Law with no 5651 through keeping log records generated in the electronic environment, ensuring compliance with the with the policies and procedures of Aydem Enerji Üretim and executing the information security steps. 
  • in case you register in the wireless network system which is provided by our company; your personal data regarding your ID, contact and process security can be processed in a limited manner in order to ensure your access to the system, to fulfill your liabilities that arise from regulation, to avoid unlawful and unethical use of the system, to comply with the with the policies and procedures of Aydem Enerji Üretim and to execute the information security steps.   

Your personal data can also be transferred to physical archives and information systems to be stored both in digital and physical environments. 

3. To Whom and for Which Purposes The Processed Personal  Data Can Be Transfered  

Your collected personal data can be transferred to the following parties with purposes explained in the 2nd article of this Clarification Text and within the scope of the regulation related with the Law and in conjunction and limited with the reason that requires them to be disclosed; public authorities and institutions, auditors, consultants, law and conciliator offices, banks, travel agencies, to the systems of companies in which we benefit from their services, including our business partners and suppliers, and that we cooperate and provide information technology services at home and abroad in order to execute the operational processes and to receive support regarding these processes.   

4. Method and Legal Basis for Collection of Personal Data 
Your personal data can be collected including written or verbal information which are delivered to our e-mail address by your employer or directly by you through automatic and non-automatic methods such  applications, software, closed circuit camera systems which are used in the activities of the Company as it is related and limited with the legal basis such as execution of the contract, assignment, usage or establishment of a right, personal benefit and explicit consent of the of the data controller.    

5. Your Rights Regarding the Protection of Personal Data 

Within the scope of regulation for protection of personal data, you have right regarding your data; to learn whether it has been processed, to request information about it if it has been processed, to learn the purpose of processing and whether it has been used by us in accordance with these purposes, to learn third parties that it has been transferred at home or abroad, to be corrected if it has been processed incorrectly and to be notified to third parties if it has been transferred, to request it to be deleted or destroyed in the event that the processing conditions are eliminated and to demand the third parties to be notified to whom it was transferred, to oppose the situation if you believe that the processed data is analyzed exclusively through automated systems creates a negative situation against you, to demand to be indemnified if you suffer a loss due to it is processed unlawfully.  

You can deliver your claims which are included in the 11th article of the Law which arranges the rights of a related person through filling the form available at address or through posting to the address of Ferko Signature, Büyükere Caddesi No: 175 Şişli, 34394 İstanbul as per the “Communiqué on Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller” or through in person as your ID is identified or through sending e-mail to address from the confirmed e-mail registered with your membership. 
Our company shall conclude the requests latest within 30 (thirty) days depending on the type of the request as per the 13th article of the law. The detailed information regarding the assessment of the requests can be found in the Policy for Protection and Processing of Personal Data which is available on address.  

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