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Energy Hunters

At Aydem Energy, we focus on people, and we aim to ensure the quality of life being sustainable. Since 2016, we have been continuing our Energy Hunters project, which aims to teach young generations how to save energy by using energy efficiently.  

With our ADM and GDZ Electricity Distribution Energy Hunters project, we organize drama-supported interactive trainings for children aged 4-8 in Aydın, Denizli, Muğla, İzmir and Manisa, which are our service areas, on the importance of energy and other resources and how to use them efficiently. 

At the end of the trainings, the children who take on the mission of Energy Hunting also lead their parents in every area where energy is actively used in their homes and schools, leading the social responsibility project to become widespread in the society.  

Our project is carried out every year with special permissions obtained from the Provincial Directorates of National Education. Up to now, our 27 thousand of children in more than 250 schools in 96 districts within 5 provinces have joined the Energy Hunters in our project. The Energy Hunters certificate, which is prepared for each school after each event, adorns the walls of 250 primary schools. Besides, the Energy Hunters matching box game, which includes notifications about the efficient use of energy distributed to our children after the event, supports the awareness of energy efficiency by parents and making it a family culture.   

Our Energy Hunters project; was granted the prize in the "Climate Action" category in 9th Corporate Social Responsibility Marketplace Sustainable Development Academy Awards organization held in 2017 by Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey and in 2020, it was deemed worthy for the Gold award in the Responsible Consumption and Production category in the Sustainable Development Awards granted within the scope of the 12th Corporate Social Responsibility Summit. 

One day all children will become Energy Hunters!