100 Million Dollars of the Financing of Aydem Energy Provided by Goldman Sachs


US-based international investment bank Goldman Sachs, with a funding of 100 million USD, has become a part of the Aydem Energy financing.

Aydem Energy, the first and leading integrated energy group in Turkey, has signed a major financial deal, to support the energy distribution investments of its electricity distribution company, serving in the provinces of Aydın, Denizli and Muğla.

As per the statement made by the institution, Goldman Sachs has provided support for the financing of Aydem Energy with an amount of 100 million dollars, with a term of 8 years.  The company, which serves three million customers in its region, will invest in ensuring that its customers receive uninterrupted and safe electricity with this financing. 


“We strive to add value to people and to the society” 

İdris Küpeli, the CEO of Aydem Energy spoke about the issue as follows: “As a company, our basic principle regarding our activities is to add value to people and to the society. The extraordinary conditions we are going through have revealed the sensitivity and vital importance of our mentioned task. With the financing provided through this agreement, we aim to add value to the lives of our three million customers in the ADM distribution region and increase our service quality.”

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