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Aydem+ offers energy solutions to individual and corporate customers in a variety of areas, including solar power plants, energy monitoring systems, and electric vehicle charging stations.

From boardrooms to living rooms, we champion clean energy. We design and install solar power plants for businesses and solar energy systems for households while our advanced energy monitoring solutions empower you to manage your consumption like never before.

Inviting all stakeholders to embrace the future of mobility with OTOWATT, our state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle Charging Station, designed for the rapidly growing electric vehicle market worldwide. OTOWATT not only empowers businesses to stay ahead in the fast-evolving era of sustainable transportation but also provides EV owners with a convenient, ever-expanding network of charging stations.

Furthermore, by providing businesses with the I-REC Certificate for sourcing their energy from renewable options, we not only offer them a competitive edge in the international marketplace but also enhance their global prestige.

Aydem+ Beyond Energy…