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With our competence to be able to foresee the needs in advance and our motivation to search always for the better for today and for the future; we manufacture Turkey's first and only domestic solar cell and contribute to the growth of our country’s energy sector with local and national Technologies.

In virtue of our sustainable production conception, innovative perception and the investments we have made in R & D; we conduct our local solar cell manufacturing project, which shall take Turkey to a new era in the field of renewable energy, within the scope of TUBITAK - National Solar Power Plant Development Project (MİLGES). With our domestic solar cell investment, which is the first and only in Turkey, we aim to develop the photovoltaic-based solar power plant equipments and needs in our country and to establish the necessary infrastructure to export it to foreign markets.

For the 10 MW Solar Power Plant we have established, at the Directorate General of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM) in Şanlıurfa – Ceylanpınar, with the panels we had manufactured with the domestic solar cells, we are producing 2.5 million solar cells.

Parla Solar, which at the same time also possesses the largest solar panel manufacturing plant in Turkey, built on an area of 33 thousand sqm, produces 600 thousand panels with an annual production capacity of 150 MW.