Ahmet İlerigelen

Ahmet İlerigelen

Ahmet İlerigelen

Independent Board Member

Born in Istanbul in 1961, Ahmet İlerigelen has more than 33-year banking experience. İlerigelen received a postgraduate degree in Money and Banking in the School of Social Sciences at Istanbul University, following his graduation from Management-Finance Department of the School of Economics of Istanbul University.

Starting his banking career at Yapı Kredi Bank in 1983, Ahmet İlerigelen took office as a Vice General Manager at the same bank in the 1996/2007 period. He left  Yapı Kredi Bank and started to work for Tekstilbank in 2007.

He joined the Fiba Group following his assignment as the Vice General Manager Responsible for Operations and Credits at Tekstilbank until 2010. In 2010, he took charge at Credit Europe Bank owned by the Group.

Following the acquisition of Fibabanka, he became a Member of the Executive Board and Vice General Manager Responsible for Credits. He left that duty and joined Şekerbank A.Ş. in 2014. In the 2014/2017 period, he acted as a Şekerbank Vice General Manager for Credits and Member of the Board of Directors of Şeker Faktoring.

Following his assignment as the CFO of İGA Construction and İGA İşletme A.Ş in 2018, he left the İGA Group to incorporate his own financial consultancy firm.

Able to speak English, Ahmet İlerigelen is married and the father of two children.