About Us

We operate in the fields of electricity generation, distribution and retailing with our groundbreaking approach in the energy sector and our determination to implement the firsts. As in our 40 years of deep rooted history, today too, with our society and environment-sensitive stance, we always work by placing the human factor at the center of our focus thanks to our more 12 thousands employees. We transform energy into an innovative power to make today and the future brighter.

As the pioneering energy company of Turkey, we take renewable energy at our focus while working for the sustainable future of our country and generate energy from hydro, wind and geothermal sources. With the many firsts we put into practice, we leave a mark on the future and break grounds in the energy sector.

We continue to break new grounds with the projects we have accomplished in the field of employee branding. Last year, after being the first company in Turkey to be awarded with the Great Place to Work® Certificate with our 11 group companies in the program carried out by the Great Place to Work® Institute, which provides services on a global scale in the field of workplace culture and employee satisfaction; we have also taken our place in the "Turkey's Best Employers List" with 8 of our companies. This year, by further expanding our achievements, we are proud to be certified as a “Great Workplace” with our 13 group companies and also taking place in the "Turkey's Best Employers List" with 10 of our companies.

We continue to receive the dues of the positive results of our projects accomplished in the field of employee branding. We have participated in the "Turkey's Happy Place to Work Research" conducted for the first time by Happy Place to Work®, which provides consultancy services in the fields of happy workplace, company culture and leader development. By obtaining the highest score among the energy companies, we have been selected as the "Happiest Place to Work in Turkey ".

  • The first and the pioneering INTERGRATED ENERGY COMPANY IN TURKEY
  • Turkey's Largest Pure-Play RENEWABLE ENERGY COMPANY
  • 3rd largest Renewable Energy Installed CAPACITY PORTFOLIO IN TURKEY
  • The first private hydroelectricPOWER PLANT OF TURKEY: BEREKET HPP
  • The first domestic solar cell manufacturing in Turkey:PARLA SOLAR
  • The first private electricity distribution company of Turkey:ADM ELEKTRIK DAĞITIM
  • The first private retail electricity company of Turkey:AYDEM ELEKTRIK PERAKENDE
  • ACHIEVING "GREAT PLACE TO WORK" CERTIFICATE in Turkey once and for all with its 11 group companies