Energy Hunters

At Aydem Energy, we focus on people and strive to improve the quality of life. With the objective of preparing a brighter future for the future generations, we train Energy Hunters who are focused on the value of energy, efficiency and saving.

With our project which we have started with ADM and GDZ Elektrik Dağıtım in 2016, we organize trainings, for children in the age groups of 4-8, in Aydın, Denizli, Muğla, İzmir and Manisa, on the importance of energy and how it should be used efficiently. Children who become aware of the use of energy and other resources also become sensitive individuals to the environment by gaining sensitivity in the use of all resources. Within the scope of our interactive project, which includes the notifications of the heroes of the Energy Hunters and is supported by drama, the kindergartens and primary schools are visited with the permissions obtained from the Provincial Directorates of National Education. Within the scope of the project, 23,418 students joined the Energy Hunters.