Occupational Health

Based on our motto of “Life Safety First; You First”, occupational health and safety is ranked as the uppermost among our basic principles. We show this sensitivity in every stage of all our activities and always put people at our focus.

Within this context, in our operating regions;

Before each different job, we say “Five minutes for my risks” and conduct a personal risk assessment.

We share the current status of the prepared work instructions with all our personnel every year and organize information trainings on the subjects.

By stating that our priority is our safety, we give trainings, provide authorizations and implement them within the scope of work permit system.

We remember that we are all a part of this culture by holding weekly on-the-job meetings and speeches.  

We conduct site safety analyzes (Risk Assessments) to make human behaviors and the environment hundred percent safe.

We aim to reduce risks to zero by reporting the near miss cases as well as the dangerous situations and behaviors.             

We conduct site inspection trips, planned monthly safety checks and behavior-oriented audits with our managers to embrace all the sites and hold conversations with the employees within the scope of one-to-one life safety.

We fulfill our legal obligations. We follow the innovations in the sector and in the world and make improvements continuously.

In order to increase productivity, we work with all our strength, pull out all the stops to become a leading organization in terms of occupational health and safety, in an integrated manner with OHS and

Environmental Management Systems.

Our target is “Zero accident, zero loss” for the human, environment and company assets.

Our priority is all the individuals and stakeholders whom we work with.

To create a safe living culture together and to make it sustainable, our motto is “Life Safety First; You First”.

Our responsibility for each of us is to see, to manage, to search and to share.